Welcome to my final Budding Html Gurus Lesson!

We started back in july least i can remember, and now it's November and we are finishing up our course.First and foremost i would like to thank Budding HtmlGurus for opening a whole new world for me. At the beginning i thought i would always have to redo the lessons 4 times. *S*

Never in my wildest would i have thought there was so much to learn. BuddingHtmlGurus was a well thought out name. It really is true. You've given us the opportunity to learn and now we can venture out to learn more, with a great sense of understanding.

What a journey it has been!

I am now enrolled in Juelle's Web Design to keep learning. I can't ever thank Budding Html Gurus enough for setting me on my way. I 'll never forget these lessons!

Thank you~

Special thanks to LadyGem for seeing me through~


Now come join me as i finish my final lessons and leap with me to my next page..

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