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Parent Management

Welcome to my final of CSS-Wise-Owl Final

You may be wondering at my theme for the final. Parent Management? What's she going to do with this theme! Let me first tell you the reasoning behind my theme. My hubby and i just celebrated our 10th anniversary. This anniversary i guess to us is a milestone. We are looking forward to many more together.

We first started out living in an apartment. I was running my own hair salon specializing in children. My husband was and still is working in a factory making industrial wire. Now we own a broiler farm and hubby still works offside. My career has been put on hold for right now as i stay home to raise our 4 children and manage the farm.

Our marriage has brought to us many challenges and leaps for joy. There were no better moments than the day our 4 kids were born. Our second delivered "accidentally" by my husband at home.


Parenting is challenging to say the least. What the generation before me would say before me is that we have it easy. I say maybe, maybe not and that's another story! lol. But what i do know for certain is that with life's busy schedules our kids needs are and have been always the same. No generation gaps will ever change that.

How you manage from day to day is the key.

How do i manage? Well somedays to be honest i dont. Somedays i have a poor Cindy pity party and it's a good party! Honestly i get by with my husband, my sense of humour and my computer.*S*

On the note of "sense of humour" i will share with you a book that i read daily. It also helps to know that someone who wrote this book musta been driven up a wall just like me! We have so much in common! I will share with you bits and peices of this book in various ways throughout my pages. I will share my other parent management skills as well .

Often when i'm out with the kids i get looks and comments oh Lord comments!

For instance

  • "4 kids! Wow i have enough with 2!"
  • "Are you crazy?"
  • "How do you afford it?"
  • "You must have alot of energy"
  • "Now that's busy"
  • "Having any more?"
  • "Is that it?"
  • "They sure are active kids aren't they?"
  • "NO thanks!"

I get tired of the comments and looks that i get somedays. But we just laugh and shrug it off. We dont think about how busy we are or the sacrafices you make as parents. We just live each day. That's it.

Sure i'd be lieing if i said some days i just dont want to play repeat with these kids! lol But each day with them is a blessing.I think of what others may have lost and live in the reality that each day you wake up with them, and tuck them in at nite, is truly a great blessing. They grow up too quick. I manage each day living my life through the eyes of my children. Each day they reach milestones and overcome their own challenges. One day at a time..


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