You will need PsP X ,EyeCandy 4000 Chrome Plugin, 2fonts of
choice,I have used 13(unknown) if this is a payfont it is listed to me as 13. & 1WarBird Dna. Any "fat" or "script font will work.

I have used an tube from my Barbara Jensen Package.

Let's Begin.

Open a new 500x500,72 Pixel, white image.
Open the tube you will be using, Copy and paste your tube as a new layer to our
working canvas.
Set your foreground color to a light color from your
tube, i used #dfddd9 and your background color to a
darker color from your tube , i used #1f1e1c .
Grab your text tool with these settings.

Using the nodes, resize, stretch,move your text position to your liking . I
chose to cover the top edges of this particular tube.
Once happy, right click on vector1 and convert to raster. 
Grab your magic wand with these settings.

Select your dark text letters.
Effects, Plugins, EyeCandy/Chrome with these

*Names containing the letter "A" may have a bit of a rougher edge, you can adjust the settings of the chrome if they bother you **S*

Selections, Select none.
Effects, 3d effects, drop shadow with these

Grab your text tool again, same settings, but change
the font to 1WarBird DNA or another script font of
 your choice.
Using the nodes again rotate your text and position to where you would
like. Once happy , right click on Vector 1 and convert to raster.

Layers, properties and change the opacity to 70-79
Add your watermark, your artists credits,
Crop off any excess canvas not needed.
File, jpg optimizer save and you're done!
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.



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