Backlight Twirl

You will need Corel's PsP X, Or earlier versions of.

Font and tube of choice, EyeCandy's Nature &Impact &my template.

 I have used a tube  from my Suzanne Richards, Gild Package.

Let's Begin.

Open the tube you will be using.
Open my template .Windows duplicate. Close out the original leaving unaltered for future plays.*S*

Pick 2 colors from your tube to set for your foreground and background colors.
Click on raster 3 to make this the active layer.
Effects, Distortion Effects, Twirl , Degrees, 720.
Layer duplicate.Hide this layer for now by clicking on the eye.
Click back onto raster 3.

Effects,Texture effects, weave with these settings.

Effects, Plugins,Alien Skin, EyeCandy:Nature/Squint.
Click on the settings tab and select Stylized Image.
Click ok.
Effects, 3d effects drop shadow with these settings.

Effects, 3d effects drop shadow change the vertical and horizontal both to 2.
Effects,Plugins, Alien Skin, EyeCandy:Impact/Backlight.
Click on the settings tab and select the Outline, Rainbow with Streaks.
Click on the Basic tab with these settings.

Click on the colors tab with these settings.Click on the pencil this will allow you to change the colors in the color box to best suit the tube you are using.

Effects, edge effects, high pass.
Unhide Copy of raster 3 layer.
Layer Duplicate, right click (Copy (2) Of Raster 3) and select arrange, send to bottom.
Effects, Alien Skin ,EyeCandy :Nature /Corona .
Click on the settings tab and select the electric storm preset.
Click on the basic tab with these settings.

Effects, 3d effects and repeat the same drop shadow we used earlier.This time changing the color to one that is
within your tube.
*V&H 2 Opacity 40, blur 2.82, V&H -2 Opacity 40, blur 2.82*
Click  on the Frame 4 layer. . We are going to add our tube and text now.
Click on your tube , edit copy
Click back onto our canvas, edit paste as new layer.
Repeat the same drop shadows as we've used earlier. Changing the color to another that is within your tube.
Move your tube to where you would like.
Grab your text tool with these settings.

Background null.Foreground white.
Add your text, using the nodes,resize/rotate your text .Once happy, right click and convert to raster.Apply a drop shadow.
Add your watermark, your artists credits .
Right click on any layer, merge , merge visible,
Edit copy , edit paste as new image.
File jpg optimizer save and finally we're done!
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.



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