Biker FX

You will need PsPX, AutoFx Mosiac Bonus (Free) Be sure to pick up the Dreamy Photo Free as well.Enter your email addy and your free serial will arrive very shortly after.

 An image of choice size of 263x356 pixels.

I am using an image from my MonteMoore G.I.L.D Package.

Let's Begin!

Open up a new 500x400 transparent image.
Go to your image, edit copy,
Back to our canvas, edit select all, Edit paste into selection.
Effects, Plugins/Auto fx/DS Bonus
Special Effects, DreamSuite Bonus/Mosiac ,select preset/ click on the tinytile.iqp preset.
With these settings

Selections modify, contract by 15.
Selections, invert,Selections Float
Effects , 3d effects, cutout with these settings.

Effects, 3d effects, cutout again changing the v/h to -5.
Selections, promote selection to layer, Selections, Select none.
Effects edge effects, edge enhance
Layer duplicate.Image resize by 80% all layers unchecked.
Edit paste as new layer. (The clipboard should still be holding your image *S*)
Effects,Plugins/Auto fx/DSBonus/Mosiac, select preset/click on the prest  background.iqp preset.
With these settings.

Image free rotate with these settings.

Image resize 115%. All layers unchecked.Change the opacity of this layer to 51.
With your mover tool.
Position so the corners match our frame dont worry about the left side we will cover that up now.
Edit paste as new layer (clipboard still holding ). Position to the left of our canvas.
Selections, Select All, Selections Float
Selections, modify, select selection borders. Enter 5.00
Flood fill with your choice of color/grad.
Effects,Reflections Effects, Kaleidoscope with these settings.

Selections float, Effects 3d effects/cutout and click ok repeating our last settings.
Effects, 3d effects/drop shadow with these settings.

Repeat the drop shadow changing the v/h to -4.
Selections, select none.
Using your mover tool. Postion Floating Selection Shadow1 a little to the right .
Add your text, your artists credits, your watermark.
File/export jpg optimizer save and you're done!
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.


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