Blocked Sand

You will need PhotoImpact for this tutorial. I have used nova's photoimpact pro to write this tutorial. There is not alot of difference between. Image(jpg),Tube of choice, font of choice.
I have used an image from my Keith Garvey Gild license package.

Open you image. ctrl+d to duplicate, close your original image. Resize your image to 360x230 pixels. Gild users you will not need to resize if using one from your package. *S*
Adjust, canvas size with these settings.

Right click in the expand color box and select color on screen. Choose a color from your image.

Grab your magic wand

With these settings

Select the expanded color we just added.
Effect,Fills and Texture/Puzzle, Click on the options tab, with these settings.

Photo Blur, Motion Blur, click on the options tab, with these settings.

Object , Deselect all objects.
Grab your Standard Selection Tool/rectangle

Draw a box around our image.

Edit, copy, edit paste as object.
Click on our base image to make active

Edit , cut.
Click back onto top image in our layer manager. (Object 2)
Selection , invert.
Selection, border with these settings.

Edit, fill , right click on the color box and select color on screen, choose a color from your image.

Photo,Lens Filter , Star Filter with these settings.

Selection, Select none, Object, Deselect all objects.
Object, Merge All
Selection, Select All,
Selection, Expand/Shrink with these settings.

Selection, Invert
Effect, Creative, Type Effect, Select the sand preset with these settings.

Click ok, apply current frame effect to image.
Right click now and select shadow with these settings.

Select our base image in our layer manager , this time, right click and select duplicate.
Hide our base image by clicking on the eye.

On our duplicate, right click and select properties.
Change the transparency number from 0 to 50.

* Take note that you are able to change the blend modes on your objects and such by arrowing down on the "Merge" Pretty cool really!*
Right click now, merge all.
select your text tool.Add your text and text effects.

I have used the font, AS Rister, size 82 and chose from the material palette, material gallery, gel G17 preset.
Click on your tube or stamp now to make active, edit copy.
Back to our image, edit paste as object.
Apply a shadow if you'd like.
Add your watermark, your artists credits.
Adjust, expand canvas with these settings.

Web, Image Optimizer/Jpg
Save as and you're done!
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.

Do not copy/paste save as mht. Pass online through yahoo groups or via email. Distribute in any other way than a link to this tutorial.


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 11/24/2005 10:37:36 AM