Brushed Wave

You will need Corel PsP9 and My Brush and Frame. Download  to your MyPsPFiles/Brushes Folder. The frame we will be using as a tube.

Font and tube of choice. I have used a tube from my Rion Vernon's Gild Package.

Open up your psp & Let's Begin!

Open up the tube you are using and my frame.
File, new 400x400 white canvas.
Layer , new raster layer.
Choose a color from your tube and apply my brush(reflectionscafe.ca6) with these settings..

Layer new raster layer.
Change your brush size to 350 and click once with your foreground color and once with your background color.
Effects, edge effects, erode.
Grab your preset shape tool and using the shape "contrast" Draw with these settings a shape to fill the inside square.

Right click on vector 1 and convert to raster.
Select all, selections float.
Selections ,selections modify , selection borders.
Click ok to the popup.
Arrow down to select the "default" settings. Click ok.
Effects, ArtMediaEffects, Brush Strokes with these settings.

Selections, promote selection to layer.
Selections, Select none.
Duplicate this layer.
Image resize 75% ..all layers unchecked.
Effects, texture effects, antique mosiac with these settings.,

Move this shape up to the top left hand corner or  to the right up to you .. *S*
Effects 3d effects drop shadow with these settings

Open my frame and copy and paste as new layer to our canvas.Right click arrange/bring to top.
Duplicate the frame layer and resize 85% , all layers unchecked.Center the resized frame .
Effects, Distortion effects, wavewith these settings

Go to your tube and edit copy and paste as a new layer onto our canvas.Position to where you'd like.
Effects 3d effects drop shadow with these settings

Add your text and text effects.. drop shadow to your liking..
Add your watermark and your artists watermark.
File, export jpg optimzier . Save and you're done!
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.



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