Burning Embers~

You will need PhotoImpact 12. Previous versions will work fine.
An image and font of choice.
I am using an image from my Tony Mauro CILM licensed package. Please visit CILM to obtain
your own licensed package to work with Tony's artwork.
Let's Begin.
Open the image you will be using. Ctrl then d on your keyboard to duplicate your image.
Close the original.
Selection, Select All
Edit,Trace Edges-Selection Marquee, Click Ok.
On your attribute bar, change the mode to 3D Custom. Click the adjust materials button.

Color/Texture-Right click inside the color box and select color on screen. Choose a color
from your image.
Bevel- Dot the 3 button
Bevel Settings- Max Width 10,Depth 30, Width 10. Bevel Outline/Both
Shading- Dot Metallic/Gold Click ok.
Object, Deselect all objects
Objects, Merge All
Edit, copy.
Open a new 500 x534 white image.
Edit, paste as new object. Position to the left of your canvas.
Click on your base image layer in your layer manager.Right click and select duplicate.
Edit fill, color and choose a color from your image.
Go to your easy palette libaries and select mask/pattern.
Double click on P11 to apply.

Click on your path drawing tool.

Choose a shape that you would like to accent your tag. I chose the diamond. Draw out one
shape the size you would like.Click on the adjust materials button.
Color/Texture- Dot the gradient and click inside the color box to choose your colors. Dot
the last box for style of gradient.
Bevel- 3D Custom, 4th button.
Bevel settings- Width 24, Depth 30 , Bevel Outline/In
Shadow- Check off shadow and choose a shadow setting you like.
Shading- Metallic/Steel
Tranparency- Check off transparency and set to 32.
Right click and select duplicate. Position to where you would like. Do this for as many
accents as you'd like.
Select the last accent you have added.
Go to your layer manager. Click on your last accent to make sure it is active. Hold down
the ctrl key on your keyboard. Now select all the other accents you have made.
Right click and select merge as single object. Position to your liking.
You can add stamps to decorate. I chose the diamonds. I kept clicking and hitting undo till
i found one suitable. Duplicated and added .
Click on your text tool. Add your name. Go to your Easy Palette/Galleries and click on
Text/Path Effects. Choose various presets to apply to your text.
Objects/Deselect all objects.
Object/Merge All
Selection,Select All
Edit,Trace Edges/Selection Marquee
Change the mode to 3D Custom. Click on the adjust materials button.
Objects/Deselect all objects.
Web/Image Optimizer/Jpg
Save and you're done!
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.

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