Burnt Coyote

You will need Corel's PsP X, Xenofex2 Plugin. My template Save to desktop for easy access.

Font and tube of choice. I have used a tube from my Matt Henegar's Gild Package.

Let's begin.
Open up my template in PsP. Or drag from the browser palette. Click , hold your mouse down and drag. Voila!

Windows duplicate and close out the original.
Open your tube of choice.
Duplicate raster 1
Working on Copy of Raster1,
Effects, Plugins Xenofex 2/Burnt edges with these settings.

Click on Raster 1 to make it active and slide the opacity down to 35.

Go to your tube, edit , copy and back to our canvas to paste as a new layer.
Duplicate your tube layer. Working now on the original.
Adjust, blur, gaussian blur and enter 10.00.
Effects, plugins, xenofex2, lighting with these settings.

I duplicated this layer to clarify the lighting a bit more.. up to you. *S*
Add your text. I used QT Claytablet Regular font. Size 72 and as always created as vector..*S*
Then converted to raster layer applied the round inner bevel and finally eye candy's glow color black..
I get carried away with my text.. a bad fault of mine hehehee..
Add your artists watermark, your watermark,
File jpg optimizer.. save and you're done!
I hope that you have enjoyed this tutorial.



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