You will need 2 tubes font of choice and Ulead's Photoimpact 10 .Ulead Gif comes with PI. If you dont have you can download a trial here.The object needed to complete the tutorial is available for ulead's version of PI 10 & 11. Nova's PhotoImpact Pro to the best of my seeking.. does not supply this object.If you do not have this object you will need to download them available here.
This tutorial is geared to the beginner of PhotoImpact. Good luck!

I am using images from my Jessica Dougherty CILM Package.

 **I love the images that CILM offers most importantly for me is that the tubes are in psd format allowing easy creating in PhotoImpact as well as many other graphics programs but for the psptubes you would like to use in PI ,I have written a tutorial on converting your psp tubes to work better with PI. This tutorial is HERE. It may be simpler for some to just open psp and resave those tubes as psd . For me i use PI alot so the batch convert is easiest. The object magic eraser tool removes backgrounds easy as well. But that's? Another tutorial coming soon..be sure to check back in the near future for a quick/easy tutorial on this tool.**

Let's Begin!
Open the tubes you will be using. Choose to open each layer as an object.

Open a new 500x500 black canvas.

Go to your easy palette.Path Library, click on objects and scroll till you find Warning Chevron.

Double click to add to our canvas.
Go to your layer manager. Right click on Group 8 and select ungroup.
Click on Group 6. Right click and select duplicate.
Adjust/Style with these settings.

Click on one of your tubes. Edit copy , back to our canvas. Edit paste as object.
Select your pick tool and postion to where you would like. Keep in mind we will be erasing most of this tube.
Grab your object paint eraser. With these settings

Erase areas of your tube that you do not want . The ZMerge tool is great for this as well.
Click your second tube. Edit copy, back to our canvas. Edit paste as object.
Adjust resize with these settings.

Grab your pick tool again and positon to where you would like.
Click on your text tool "T" . Pspers dont worry about your choice of color or size. PI offers alot more options. I have chosen the font MisterEarlBT.
Click on your canvas and type your text. I chose "Busted". Size 150.
Click on your transform tool. Distort
Using the nodes , distort your text to match your tube.

Click on your text tool again, change the mode to 3d trim.

Select your Material Icon.

Dot gradient. And right click inside the color box/select color on screen and choose 2 colors from your image.

Click on the transparency tab. With these settings.

Click on the border tab. Add a white border , width 1.

Click ok.
*You can apply many more different effects by going to the material gallery. PI offers so many presets for effects.
Object, arrange order, send backward.
Objects, Deselect.(Or hit the enter key on your keyboard to deselect.)
Add your watermark, your artists credits. Crop off excess canvas not needed if necessary.
Go to you layer manager and click on your "Base Image" layer.
Photo/Photo frame with these settings. Choosing color for your gradient from your image.

Click on your text tool and add your name.
Click on the transform tool again and rotate 10 degrees counterclockwise.

Position where you would like.
Objects, deselect all objects.
We are ready to animate!
Hide our first Group 6 layer.

Right click now and select merge all. Click yes to the popup.
Edit copy.
Edit /undo before merge all objects. Or ctrl then z on your keyboard to undo.
Take notice of the size of your image shown at the top of your canvas.
My canvas is 483x503.
Open up ulead gif. or select from your switch tab.

Close out the startup wizard.
File, new , and open a canvas the size of your image. I opened a new 483x503 canvas. Color/transparency doesn't matter as our image size fills the canvas.
Edit paste.
Right click on 1:Frame and select Add Frame.
Back to PI.

Hide our first Group 6 . Unhide our first Group 6.

Right click , merge all. Yes to popup. Edit copy.
Back to ulead gif.
Click on 2:Frame Edit paste.
Click on the optimize tab with these settings.Click the preview tab.

File save as gif and you're done!
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.


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