You will need Corel's PsP X, Or earlier versions of.

Font and tube of choice, My Mask I have used a tube and image from my Joel Adams, Gild Package.

Place my mask in your psp/masks folder. Or point psp to pick up my mask from your folder of choice.

Let's Begin!

Open the tube you will be using..
File, new 500x400 white image.
Layer new raster ,
Flood fill with a dark color from your tube.
Layer load/save mask , Load mask from disk.
Scroll and find "reflectionscafe12"
With these settings.

Right click on Mask-Raster1 and select delete. Answer yes to the popup.
Right click on Raster1 and select merge, merge group.
Effects, 3d effects, drop shadow with these settings.

Repeat the drop shadow changing the vertical and horizontal both to -1.
Grab your magic wand with these settings.

Select the order edge and inside burst .

Selections, Selections float.
Effect 3d effects, cutout with these settings.Choose a light color from your tube.

Repeat the cutout effects changing the vertical and horizontal both to -2.
Selections, select none.
Click on the tube you are using.
Edit, copy , edit paste as new layer.
With your move tool postion this tube to the right of our canvas.
Right click on Raster 1, arrange move down.
Using your eraser tool, erase what is showing outside of the spikes in the middle.
Lower the opacity of Raster 1 to 32-42
Edit paste as new layer, right click on raster 2, arrange, bring to top.

Right click on raster again and select duplicate.
Click back onto raster2.
Selections, select all, selections modify, select selections border with these settings.

Flood fill using another color from your tube.
Adjust blur, motion blur with these settings.

Selections, Select none.
Effects, Art Media Effects, brush strokes with these settings.

Position your tube and brush stoke effect layer to the left of our canvas.
Right click on any layer, merge, merge visible.
Let's add our text.Grab your text tool with these settings.White for you foreground and a color from your tube for your background.

Resize and rotate using the nodes , once happy right click on vector1 and convert to raster.
Selections, select all, selections float.
Selections, modify , select selections borders.
With these settings.

Selections, promote to layer, Flood fill with your background color.
Effects, Art Media Effects, brush strokes click ok to repeat the settings we applied earlier on.
Effects, 3d Effects, drop shadow with these settings.

Selections ,select none.
Right click on promoted selection layer and select, arrange, move down.
Click on raster 1 and apply another drop shadow, click ok to apply the same settings as earlier.
Image resize, 80% all layers checked.
Add your watermark, your artists credits.
File, jpg optimizer, save and you're done!
Whew! & Congratulations!
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. But most importantly have learned something new.



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