Color Me

You will need Corel's PsP X, Or earlier versions of.

Font and tube of choice, image/picture of choice resized to 287x 360 pixels would work the best. I have used a tube and image from my Suzanne Richards, Gild Package.

Let's Begin.

Open your picture and tube you will be using.. *you will not be using your tube till near the end of the tutorial. You can open your tube now or open up your tube later. Up to you *S* *Do not deselect until i tell you ie Selections, select none.**S*

File new, 500x400 transparent image.
Go to your image/picture and edit , copy .
Back to our canvas, Selections, Select all.
Edit paste into selection.
Effects, Texture effects, fine leather with these settings. Choose a light color from your image.

Adjust add/remove noise, Add noise with these settings.

Effects, texture , mosiac antique with these settings.

Selections, modify, inside/outside feather with these settings.

Selections, invert , tap your delete key (or edit cut) 4-5 times.
Edit, paste as new layer.(This is the picture that is holding on your clipboard from copying earlier)
 Selections , select none.
Using your mover tool move your image to the left of our canvas.
Working on Raster 2 this is the image we just pasted as a new layer.
Select all , selections float. Selections , modify and expand by 7
Selections, promote selection to layer.Grab your Flood fill tool and flood fill this layer with a light color from your image.
Layers, arrange, move down.
Effects, 3d effects, drop shadow with these settings.

Repeat the drop shadow changing both vertical and horizontal to 1.
Selections, select none.
Click back onto Raster2 and repeat the drop shadows using the same settings. -1 and 1.
Effects, edge enhance, find all.
Lower the opacity of this layer(Raster2) to 30 . 
Click on your tube now, Copy and paste your tube now as a new layer .
Image , mirror.
Using your mover tool place your tube to the right of our canvas.
Effects, 3d effects, drop shadow with these settings.

Grab your text tool. I am using A&S Blaze ,size 72, stroke 2.create as vector. Use a light color for your foreground and black as your background color.
Resize and place your text to where you would like, once happy right click on vector 1 and convert to raster.
Selections, select all. Selections float,selections , modify and contract by 4.
Edit cut. (or tap the delete key on your keyboard)
Selections, modify and expand by 7.00
Effects, 3d effects, drop shadow and click ok to repeat the last settings we last used.
Selections, select none.
Adjust, add/remove noise/add noise click ok to repeat the settings we used earlier.
Add your watermark your artists credits.
File jpg optimizer and we're done!



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