Constellation Dream

You will need PsP . Tube of choice, font of choice.My template.
I have used an image from my Joe Pekar Gild license package.

DCSpecial , Xenofex2, Eye Candy I have used 4 but you can use eyecandy 3 or 5 for the same effect.

Open my template in psp.
Windows duplicate and close the original.
Duplicate temp 1.
Click back onto temp 1.Change the blend mode from overlay to normal .

Selections, Select all, Selections float.
Set your foreground color to #808080 and your background color to #ffffff.
Effects, Plugins, DC Special, Deep Dream with these settings.

Selections , Select none.
click on copy of temp 1.

Effects, Plugins, Xenofex2, constellation with these settings.

Effects, 3d effects, 3d drop shadow with these settings.

Click on your tube, Edit copy and paste as new layer.
Click on your preset shape and choose button 065.These buttons come installed in psp . If you do not have you can use the circle/eclipse preset shape. Incheck the box to retain style.
Draw a button the size you'd like to add your text.
click on your text tool choose 2 colors for your text i have used a color from her shirt and hair. I have used the font Ryan BT with these settings.

Click on the inner circle and move your mouse around till it forms an "A" Click and type your text.

Right click on vector 1 and select delete.
Do not deselect.
Layer, New raster layer.
This is what you will see now.

Grab your flood tool and flood fill the text with your background color.
Layer, new raster layer,
Selections, modify and contract by 4.Flood fill now with your foreground color.
Effects, 3d effects, drop shadow, same settings as earlier.

Effects, plugins, xenofex2,constellation same settings as earlier.
Selections, Select none,
Effects, plugins, eye candy , gradient glow with these settings.

Change your color to your foreground color.
grab your mover tool and move this text layer up just a little bit.
right click on any layer.
Merge, merge visible.
Edit copy, edit paste as new image. Add your watermark and artists credits.
Right click again, merge all flatten.
File export, jpg optimizer. Save and you're done.

Do not copy/paste save as mht. Pass online through yahoo groups or via email. Distribute in any other way than a link to this tutorial.


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 07/31/2005 01:34:47 PM

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