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Devil Corona


You will need Corel PsP 9
Auto FX PGE6 & Eye Candy 5 Nature These are  not a free plugins.
A graphic/photo of choice, tube, accent brush and font of choice.
I have used images from artist AV Phibes. Check out the Gild
to receive your own license to work with these images.
 I have used the font PC Geo Angles if you are a member you may already have this font.

Let's Begin

File New, 500x500 72 Pixels per inch , transparent canvas.
Open your tube and graphic you intend to use.
Click on your graphic. Copy and paste to our canvas as a new layer.
Effects, Plugins, Eye Candy 5 Nature, Squint with these settings.

Effects, Plugins, Auto FX Software, PGE 6
Layer Presets, Photo Tabs.Select the tab_transparent_8.iqp preset.
With these settings.

You will need to change the tab color to suit your graphic.

.If at anytime you want to start over or take a step back. Click the edit, undo option or click on the layer and delete and start over.

Once happy click ok.
Duplicate this layer (raster 2)
Image resize and resize 75% weighted average. All layers unchecked.
Image, rotate, free rotate,right, free, 45.00 . All layers and rotate single layer unchecked.
Effects, Plugins, Eye Candy 5 Nature, Corona with these settings.

Click the pencils i call em lol and change them to colors within your graphic.
Hide this layer for now. (Copy of raster 2)
Click back onto our original PGE Tab layer. (raster2)With your lasso select the bottom left corner.

Selections, Selection promote to layer.Selections, Select none.
Unhide our corona layer (copy of raster 2) Click on this layer to make sure it is active.
Click on your tube and copy and paste as new layer.Move your tube to the left.
Right click on our promoted selection layer and select arrange, bring to top.
Click on your tube layer (raster3) and Adjust, blur gaussian blur, 20.00
Effects, texture effects, weave,With these settings.

Edit paste as new layer move your tube to the left again.
Grab your text tool. Add your font size, 72 as a vector, foreground color of choice and background color is black.
Effects, Eye Candy5Nature, Corona with these settings.

Effects, Eye Candy 5 Nature, Corona with these settings.

Right click arrange, move down. Take your mover tool and place where you'd like.
Image Resize All Layers Checked. 400x400 pixels.
Add your Artists Credits if need be.
File export jpg optimizer . Save and show it off..

Do not copy/paste save as mht. Pass online through yahoo groups or via email .

Distrubute in any other way than a link to this tutorial.

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