You will need PhotoImpact. I have used Nova's PhotoImpact Pro
An image,(337x436 pixels) and font of choice.
I am using an image from my Anthony Guerra Package.

File new, new image 500x500 white 72.00 pixels/inch image.

Open the image you will be using.
Edit copy, back to our image , edit paste as object.
Position to where you would like.
Right click now and select properties.Select the general tab should be already with these settings.

Effects, Fills and Textures/Texture Filter with these settings. Select the embossed effect and change the texture to emboss02

Click ok. Apply current frame effect to image.
Object deselect all.
Select your base image from your layer manager.

Now go to your Easy Palette/Mask Library and select P17

Edit fill, select the gradient tab. If you right click inside the color box you will be able to choose colors from your image.
With these settings.

Selection, Expand/Shrink /Shrink with these settings

Selection, invert
Edit fill, select the color tab and choose a dark color from your image.
Selection, select none.
Select your stamp tool.

Click on the arrow to expand and select the diamond.ufo stamp
With these settings.

Holding your mouse down,or by clicking one at a time,Add some diamonds!! Have fun..You can change the scale size to add different sized diamonds.I use 25 and 12.

Once you are happy..go back to your image you are using, Edit , copy . Back to our canvas and edit, paste as new object.
Grab your pick tool
s16 and position your image to where you would like
Adjust resize with these settings.

Photo, PhotoFrame with these settings.

Click on the shadow icon with these settings.

Adjust resize with these settings.

Click on your stamp tool again,

Click on your text tool.

With these settings.

Click on our image and add your text.
**Don't panic it will look awful for now... we will change this right away ..**
Go to your easy palette, Material Gallery/Metallic and choose a preset that works with your tag. I chose M12. You dont have to choose metallic you can choose any from the gallery.

Click on your stamp tool again,

Change the scale to 10.
Effects, Creative , Paint on Edges.
Grab your pick tool
and position your text where you would like.
Add your watermark, your artists credits.
Object, Merge All.
Resize if need be. Be sure that you check to keep aspect ratio.
*One thing of importance , most artists prefer that your image is not more than 72.00 pixels per square inch.Even PcCrafter requires this. So if you did not set your canvas to 72 at the beginning, now is the time to change that.
Adjust , resolution.
Change the resolution to user/defined/72 . Mine i did not have to alter as i always start out with the proper pixels/inch.***
Now let's save so we can show our new tag off!
Web, Image Optimizer, jpg , save and we're done!
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial, but most important to me is that you have learned something new.



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