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Dream Glaze


You will need Corel PsP 9
Auto FX Dreamsuite1,Auto FX Gel.
 These are not free plugins.
A graphic/photo of choice, tube, accent brush and font of choice.
I have used images from artist Edgar Espino. Check out the Gild
to receive your own license to work with these images.I have used an accent brush purchased from /Amaleas
 I have used the font PC Willa if you are a member you may already have this font.

Let's Begin
File new 500x500 transparent canvas.
(72.00 pixels per inch Gild users *S*)

Open up your graphic and tube of choice. Open the font you will use and minimize.

Copy and paste your graphic to our new canvas. Keep pasting until all of your canvas is filled with your graphic. Move the layers around making sure you have no excess space unfilled. Once you are happy with , right click on any layer and merge visible.

Adjust blur, gaussian blur, 20.00.

Selections, Select all, Selections modify, contract , 30.

Selections, Selections modify, feather, 35.

Selections, Invert, Tap your delete key on your keyboard 3 times.
Select none.

Effects, Plugins , AutoFX Software, Dreamsuite1.
Special Effects, Dreamsuite1, cubism. Select preset, click on pentagons with these settings.

Layers merge, merge all flatten.

Copy and paste your tube as a new layer to our canvas.
Move your tube to where you would like.

Layer duplicate, Working on your original tube.Change your background color to white. Adjust blur, gaussian blur, 20.00.

Effects, Texture effects, weave with these settings.

Effects, edge enhance,find vertical.

Layer new raster layer.
Select a color for you accent brush. I have used the color i picked from her lips.
Grab your paintbrush and add your accents.

Click on your top layer which is the remaining tube you pasted earlier.
Grab your text tool. I have used the font PC Willa. Foreground white and fill another color i picked from her lips. Size 72, stroke width 2.0 and as always i create my text as vector. Resize and place your text where you would like. Once happy, right click and convert to raster.

Selections, select all, modify and contract by 3.

Effects, Plugins , AutoFX Software, Dreamsuite. Special Effects, Dreamsuite Gel, Liquid Crystal. Select Preset, Glass Beads With these settings.

Add a drop shadow.

Image resize 400x400 pixels all layers checked.

Add your Artists Credits if needed. File export jpeg optimizer. Save and you are finished!

Do not copy/paste save as mht. Pass online through yahoo groups or via email .

Distrubute in any other way than a link to this tutorial.

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