EzY Image Scrap

You will need PhotoImpact . I have used Nova's version.Any version of PhotoImpact should work just fine.
This tutorial is a beginner tutorial.I hope you will enjoy it.
You will need image and font of chose. I am using an image from my CILM , Johnny Grez package. Please visit CILM to obtain your own right to work with Johnny Grez's work.You will also need my ufo here.
Open my ufo file in PI.
Control + D to duplicate the original. Close the original for future creating.
Open the image you will be using. My image is 360x360 pixels.Edit copy back to our canvas. Edit, paste as object.
Adjust, resize with these settings.

Grab your transform tool.

Rotate counterclockwise 15 degrees.

Grab your pic tool now and move your image on top of the main frame. Refer to my example for placement.
Arrange, send to back.

Arrange bring forward,

Arrange bring forward again.
Object, deselect all objects.Or the quicker tap your enter key on your keyboard.
Click on your text tool , add your text . Go to to your easy palette, material attribute gallery and add your text effects.

The beauty of PI's text tool is that you can alter the size without having to redo the text. Just click on the text tool and change the sizing.
**Optional** Click on your pic tool again and using the arrange buttons , bring your text to the back , then arrange and send forward to have your text underneath the ring. I have my text above Obj-7.
Add your watermark , your artist credits. Once happy with your tag , Web, Image optimizer.
Click on the jpg tab and save your tag!
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.

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