You will need Corel Ulead's PhotoImpact 11
A tube, font of choice.
I have used images from artist Dave Nestler. Check out the Gild
to receive your own license to work with these images.

***My Workspace is set to advanced. To change your workspace. Click on My workspace,check off advanced . Photoimpact may flicker to set itself up.

If you have any problems do not hestitate to contact me. ***

Open up the tube you will be using.
File new white, 500x500 pixel canvas. Resolution 72.00 Pixels/Inch.
Edit, Fill, Click on the texture tab, select Natural Texture from the Tab group,and select NT79.With these settings.

Go to your easy palette.Click on the "Libraries Tab" , Click on the + to expand and show all the masks. Select the symbol, Shape 02.
Double click to select.

Selection, invert, Edit , cut.
Selection,convert to object.
Select your paintbrush tool.

With these settings.

Right click on our color box and select color on screen.Select a color from your tube as an accent color.

Effects, creative , paint on edges.
Click on Obj-3 to be sure that this is the object we have selected.

Adjust, resize with these settings.

Object , Deselect All Objects.
Click on your tube now. Edit, copy, Edit paste as new object.
Using your arrows keys on your keyboard, arrange your tube to the left of our canvas. Covering up one of the corners on our frame.
Photo, Blur Gaussian Blur, click the options, with these settings.

Effects, Distort, Facet, again click on the options tab, with these settings.

Photo, Focus , select the very first box.

Repeat this step 2 more times.
Click on your tube again, Edit copy, Edit paste as object.
Position to the left of our canvas placed nicely on top of our effect layer.
Right click and select shadow ,right click in the color box and select color on screen. Choose a color from within your tube. With these settings.

Grab your text tool. I have used the font Jenkins v2.0.
With these settings.

Go back to your easy palette and click on the Galleries Tab.
Select Text/Path Effects
Select Material Attributes. Double click and select a preset that you like. I chose Metallic ,Gold 7

You can add to your text by clicking on the different presets and effects . I chose to add Reflection 03 (R03) as well.
Click on your transform tool

Select resize from the drop down menu

Using the nodes resize your text , when you are happy , select the rotate freely

and using the nodes rotate your text and move to where you would like.
I decided i wanted a border around my text. I selected my text with my pic tool,
I then checked off the border box. I added a black border size 3.

Add your watermark, your artists credits.
Web, Image Optimizer , Jpg,

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.



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