You will need Corel's PsP X EyeCandy's Gradient Glow, But can be done in other versions.  My Template

Font and tube of choice. I have used a tube from my Deacon Black CILM Package. Please purchase Deacon's package(s) from CILM yourself  to create with his artwork.

Wow finally a new tutorial! I've been so busy !!The weather lately has been so nice! I refuse to spend a beauty day inside.. Ready? Let's Begin..

Open my template in PsP. Window duplicate and close the original for future use.
Open the tube you will be using. Edit copy. Back to our working canvas.Making sure Flickr3 layer is active. Edit paste as new layer.
Position and resize your tube to your liking.
Effects, 3 effects, drop shadow with these settings. Choosing a color from your tube.

Effects, Plugins/EyeCandy/GradientGlow/Click on the Color Tab/Black Halo with these settings.

Click on the NameBox layer. Grab your text tool .Add your text, your text effects.
Add your watermark, your artists credits. Add some brush accents if you'd like.
Open up animation shop.Back to psp.
Hide Flickr3 and Raster 1 . Edit copy merged. Back to animation shop.Edit paste as new animation.Back to psp.

Hide Raster1 . Edit copy merged. Back to animation shop. Edit paste after current frame. Back to PsP.

Hide Raster2 and Flickr3. Edit copy merged. Back to animation shop. Edit paste after current frame.

File , Optimization wizard, Save and you're done.
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.

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