You will need Corel PsP9 and My Brush. Download my brush to your MyPsPFiles/Brushes Folder.

Font and tube of choice. I have used a tube from my Joel Adams Gild Package.

Open up psp and let's begin!

File new 500x500 transparent image.
Open up your tube and select your foreground and background colors.
Grab my brush (reflectionscafe.ca5)and apply using your foreground color.
With these settings. Size 450(default)

Layer new raster layer.
Change the size of your brush to 300 and apply using your background color.
Copy and paste your tube as a new layer.
Duplicate your tube layer.
Click on raster 3(Original tube layer),

Adjust,blur, radical blur with these settings.

Effects, 3d effects, drop shadow with these settings.

Effects, distortion, curliques with these settings.

Right click on raster 2, arrange, move up..
Add your text. Your text effects..
* I have used the font P22 Vincent Regular.I applied Lokas/Smoke to my text with these settings..
Applying the same drop shadow as earlier.
Add your artists credit and your watermark.
Right click on any layer. Merge merge visible.
Edit , copy and paste as new image.
File export, jpg optimizer..
Save and we're done!
I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial.




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