Halloween FX

You will need PsP X or an earlier version of PsP. Tutorial is written in PsP X.
Tube and font of choice. I am using an image include in my Joe Pekar Gild license.
Eye Candy 3.1, Alf's Border FX

File new 400x400white/ 72.00 res image.
Layer new raster layer.
Choose a foreground and background color to work with.
Click on your foreground color to bring up the material palette. Click on
gradient and scroll up to find foreground/background.
Flood fill your image with this gradient.
Effects, plugins, eye candy 3.1 fire with these settings.
outer color is white and inside color your foreground color.

Effects, plugins, Al's Border FX/ Bordered checkers with these settings.

Duplicate this layer.
Working on Copy of Raster 1.
Image, flip,
Image resize 80% all layers unchecked.
Image free rotate and rotate right, free 45.00 all layers and rotate single layer unchecked.
Select all, Selections float, Selections modify, contract by 20.00
Effects, edge effects, erode.
Selections, Select none.
Go to your tube, Edit copy and paste as new layer onto our canvas.
Effects, plugins, eye candy 3.1 drop shadow with these settings.Using a color that is from your tube.

Repeat eye candy's drop shadow this time changing the color to black.
I have used the font shalimar swash. Choose your font .Reset your colors to foreground and background colors.
Create as vector.. resize and postion to where you'd like. Once happy right click on vector 1 and convert to raster.
My tube has a straight edge and i didn't like that..so many tubes do.. so
click on raster 1
with your selection tool, draw a rectangle enough to just hide the bottom edge of the tube.
Selection promote selection to layer. Selections select none.
Right click on promoted selection, arrange bring to top., arrange move down.. So this layer is behind our text layer.
Lower the opacity of this layer to 69. Much better!
Click back onto our text layer Raster 3 and apply eye candy's drop shadow opacity 58 and blur 4.
Add your watermark , your artists credits.
File export jpg optimizer.
Save and you're done!
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.



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