HeightD Style

You will need animage, tube and font of choice. Eye Candy's Gradient Glow and Visman Filters. HRE

I am using an image from my Lorenzo Sperlonga G.I.L.D Package.
File, new 450x400 black canvas.
Selections, Select All.
Open the image you will be using.Your image should fit nicely in the middle of our canvas. Edit copy, back to our canvas. Edit paste as new selection. Do not deselect yet.

Effects, Plugin VM Extravagenza, Stay in Line with these settings.

Effects, Plugin VM Extravagenza,Heightline with these settings.

Selections, Promote selection to layer.
Selections, Select none.
Click on our Background layer.
Effects, Plugin VM Extravagenza,Heightline with these settings.

Click onto our promoted layer.
Effects, Plugins , Eye Candy 4000, gradient glow .
Click on the settings tab and select neon outline..
with these settings.

Now click on the color tab and change your colors to suit your tube.

Repeat the gradient glow 2 more times.
Image , Add Border, 35 symmetric checked.A color that is not in your image.
Grab your magic wand and select the new border we just added, flood fill with black.
Selections, invert and using the same settings as earlier, apply our gradient glow .
Selections, Invert.
Effects, Texture Effects, Mosiac Antique with these settings.

Effects, Texture Effects, Fine Leather with these settings.

Selections, Invert
Effects, Plugins, Eye Candy 4000, Apply the same settings we used earlier but changing the width to 8.80.
Grab your tube, edit , copy , back to our canvas. Edit paste as new layer.Position to where you would like.
Effects, 3d effects, drop shadow with these settings.

Repeat the drop shadow.
Image, resize 90% all layers checked.
Add your text, your watermark, you artists credits.
File , export jpg optimizer, save and you're done!
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.



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December 28, 2005 2:38 AM