Held Back~

You will need  PsP X . MuRa's Filter Meister-Copies. An image,tube and font of choice. My template.

I am using image and tube from my Barbara Jensen licensed package. Please visit Barbara's site to obtain your own licensed package.

Let's Begin.
Open my template. Windows duplicate and close the original.
Image, resize all layers unchecked 80%
Effects/Plugins Muras Filters/Copies with these settings.

Layers merge , merge visible.
Repeat the mura's filter using the same settings.
Grab your selection tool/rectangle and draw 2 rectangles top left/bottom left.
Open the image you will be using. Edit copy.
Back to our canvas. Edit paste as new layer.
Selections/Selections Invert. Edit, cut.
Selections,select none.
Selections, invert.
Selections, invert. Edit paste as new layer.
Make sure Raster2 is active. Edit cut.
Selections, select none.
Add a drop shadow to Raster1 and Raster 2.
Add a texture blind effects to Raster1 and Raster 2.
Effects, texture effects blinds : Width 2 Opacity 30 Color White Horizontal Checked.
Grab your selections tool /rectangle again and draw a larger rectangle starting from the
white edge of our template.
Edit, paste as new layer. Selections, invert.
Floodfill the border with white.
Selections, select none.
Layers, arrange move down.Change the blend mode of Raster 3 to burn.
Selections, select all. Selections, modify and contract by 5.
Selections invert , flood fill with white.
Click on your merged layer and flood fill with white.
Selections, select none.
Open the tube you will be using. Edit copy. Back to our canvas. Edit paste as new layer.
Your tube layer should be above your merged layer.
Add your watermark, your artists credits.
Add your name. Apply a drop shadow.
Add your blurb. Change the blurb blend mode to burn and the opacity to 71.
File, jpg optimizer save and you're done!
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial!

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