I Bite

You will need PsPX, image,tube and font of choice.My template.
I am using the artwork of Olivia. Please visit CILM to obtain your own license to work with
Olivia's art.
Let's Begin.
Open the image and tube you will be using.
Open my template, windows duplicate and close the original for future creating.
Grab your magic wand and select the white background.
Selections, invert.Selections, promote selection to layer.
Click on your image, edit copy.
Back to your template, edit paste into selection.
Layers, properties and change the blend mode to burn.
Selections, select none.
Click on your tube, edit copy.
Back to our template, edit paste as new layer.
Image resize all layers unchecked if needed. Position where you would like.
Add your bells and whistles.
Add your text. "I bite if provoked" Change the blend mode of your text layer to burn.You
made need to duplicate this layer to have your text show better.
Add your name. Add a drop shadow.
Add your watermark, your artists credits.
File/jpg optimizer.
Save and you're done!
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.

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