It's Summer Somewhere!

You will need PsPX to complete this tutorial.

Tutorial can be completed in earlier versions.

EyeCandy's Nature/Snowdrift & VM Distortion HERE

Font Uptown HERE & Tube of Choice.

II have used images from artist Carlos Cartagena. Check out the Gild
to receive your own license to work with these images.

Open the tube you will be using.
File new 500x400 white canvas.
From your tube, choose a light color for your foreground color.
A dark color for your background color. Layer, new raster
layer, Click on your flood fill tool , Go to your material
palette and select gradient. Scroll up to find
foreground/background . With these settings.

Flood fill this layer with your gradient.
Effects, Plugins/VM Distortion, Tilomat 2000.
With these settings.

Again with these settings.

Effects, edge effects, enhance
Apply the VM Distortion once more with these settings.

Effects, Plugins, I.C.NET Software/Filters Unlimited/Edges,
Square/Square Edge 11 Click Apply.
Image , Resize, Resize 75% , Weighted Average.All Layer
Image, Free rotate with these settings.

Grab your pic tool (deformation tool in other versions) and
stretch the sides of our back to cover more of our canvas.
Select the pan tool to free yourself of the pic tool. lol.
Effects, Plugins /EyeCandy:Nature/Snow drift with these
Click on the Settings tab, and select Text-100pt-White Out
click on the basic tab with these settings.

Lower the opacity of this layer to 55.

Click on your tube now, edit copy, edit paste as new layer.
Using your mover tool, postion your tube to the left of our
Layer duplicate, Click onto Raster 2 and apply the
Eyecandy/Snowdrift filter again. Using the same settings.
Click onto Copy of Raster 2 now and apply a drop
shadow(Effects, 3d effects, drop shadow) with these settings.

Repeat the drop shadow changing the vertical and horizontal
both to -2.
Grab your text tool.With these settings.

Type your text. Change your background color to white.
Using the nodes, Rotate/Resize your text, Once happy right
click and convert to raster.
Apply the same drop shadows we applied earlier.
Once more apply the EyeCandy's snowfilter, this time lower the
drift height to 3.17.
Adjust , add/remove noise/add noise with these settings.

Add your watermark , your artists credits .
File,jpg optimizer save and you're done.
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial .



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