You will need Corel PsP 9
Lokas Artistic Effects Software Plugin This is not a free plugin.
A  tube,  and font of choice.My 2 Masks HERE & HERE place these masks in your psp/masks folder. I can't stand "zip files" sorry for the inconvenience. I rather download separately what i need ..this comes from being on dial up..pet peeve beware lol!!
I have used images from artist AV Phibes. Check out the Gild
to receive your own license to work with these images.
*This tutorial is a celebration of my weightloss goal achieved. Having 4 kids in 4 1/2 yrs i struggled with the remaining 25lbs.I was the champ of the "yo-yo" diet!  I have exceeded my goal.I have now been dethroned.. sorry for the next reigny..  No one knows your self worth more than yourself. Fight to acheive and you will succeed.*
Let's Begin.
Open up your PsP..

File, new 500x400 transparent canvas.
Flood fill with black.
Open the tube you will be using.
Layer , load mask from disk.
Find cafemask5
With these settings.

Click on Mask-Raster1 and select delete, answer yes to the popup.
Right click again, merge, merge group.
Right click layer, new raster and flood fill this layer with white.
Layer, load mask from disk.
Find cafemask6
Apply the mask using same settings as we did earlier.
Right click on Mask-Raster 1 and select delete, answer yes to the popup.
Right click again, merge, merge group.
Copy and paste your tube as a new layer.Place your tube to the right of our canvas.
Right click on Raster 1 and arrange, move down.
Change the blend mode to Dodge.Change the opacity to 36.
Edit, paste as new layer.
Right click on Raster2 and select arrange, bring to top. Place your tube to the left of our canvas.
Image, mirror.
Effects, 3d effects, drop shadow with these settings. Choosing a color from within your tube.

Click on Raster 2 Shadow 1, Effects, texture effects, mosiac antique with these settings.

Duplicate Raster2 Shadow 1, Image resize 70% all layers unchecked.
Click on our top tube layer. (Raster 2)
Effects, 3d effects, drop shadow with these settings.

Click back onto Group-Raster1 .Apply a drop shadow using the same settings , changing the color to one that is from
your tube.
Grab your text tool size 72, stroke width 2 apply as vector. Foreground white and background a color black or a dark
color from your tube.Once you have settled your text.Right click on vector 1 and convert to raster.
Selections, select all, selections float, selections modify and contract by 3.
Effects, plugins, lokas software, drop with these settings. Now choose a color that is from your tube.

Effects, 3d effects and apply the same drop shadow , color black.
Selections modify, select selections border. With these settings.

Effects, 3d effects, drop shadow, color that you chose earlier from your tube.
Selections select none.
Add your credit, your artists credits if need be.
File, export jpg optimizer,
Save and you're done!
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.



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