You will need Corel PsP 8,9 or 9X Tutorial is wrote in version 9X
EyeCandy's Plugin/Textures/Diamond Plate , Lokas Software/Artistic Plugin
A tube, font of choice.
I have used images from artist Lorenzo Sperlonga. Check out the Gild
to receive your own license to work with these images.

Open the tube you will be using.
My mask and touch up tube.The touch up tube is only to cover up the edge of your tube. You may not need this at all.
File new 500x500 white image.
Layer, Load/Save Disk , Load mask from disk.
With these settings.

Right click on Mask-Raster1 and select delete.
Click yes to the popup.
Right click again, merge, merge group.
Layer new raster layer.
Effects, Plugins , EyeCandy Textures/Diamond Plate with these settings.

Adjust Hue and Saturation, Colorize with these settings.You can use the arrows/sliders and adjust to a color that works with your tube.

Right click on Raster 1 and select arrange, move down.
Grab your tube. Edit copy, edit paste as new layer.Move this tube just a bit down so her left leg is under the edge of our mask.
Click on Group-Raster 1 , edit paste as new layer.
Image resize 70% all layers unchecked. Grab your mover tool and using your arrow keys on your keyboard position to where you would like.
Effects, 3d effects, drop shadow with these settings.

Open the touch up image supplied, edit copy , edit paste as new layer. Position to cover up the edge of your tube. The first tube we added will be covered by text but this one needed a little something.
Grab your text tool with these settings.

Resize, rotate, position your text ,(make sure you cover the edge with your text *S*) once happy right click on vector 1 and convert to raster.
Selections, select all, selections modify and contract by 4.
Effects, Plugins, Lokas Software, Metal with these settings. Change the colors to suit your tube.
Selections, select none.
Effects, 3d effects, drop shadow , click ok to repeat the settings we used earlier.
Resize if need be all layers checked .
Add your watermark, your artists credit.

File, jpg optimizer save and we're done! I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.



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