Neon Love

You will need Corel PsPX & Animation Shop. Tutorial is written in X but can be done in earlier versions.

Font and tube of choice.My Template
I have used a tube from Craig Wentworth Package.

*When you open my template you will notice i have left my template in layers, necessary to complete the tutorial. For those of you that are more advanced in PsP. Have fun! I hope that even beginners can have fun too.* I created the background using autofx and nik Color Efex Pro filters. These are not free plugins so i decided to just offer the template instead.*

Open up PsP. Open my template, window duplicate and close the original for future plays. Open the tube you will be using.

Click on your tube, edit copy, back to our template.

Edit paste as new layer. Add a drop shadow to your tube.

My tube had a straight edge that i didn't want to see on my tag so i right clicked on my tube layer, arrange, move down. Position your tube where you would like.

Add your text, your text effects.

Add your watermark and your artists credits.

We are ready to complete our tag.

Hide Raster 2 and Raster 3 (screenshot below). Edit copy merged. Open up animation shop. Edit paste as new animation. Back to psp.

Hide Raster1 and Raster 3. Edit copy merged. Back to animation shop. Edit paste after current frame. Back to psp.

Hide Raster 1 and Raster 2. Edit copy merged. Back to animation shop. Edit paste after current frame.

Edit select all. Animation, frame properties and change the number from 10 to 20.

File optmization wizard. Save and you're done!

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.



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