You will need PSP -- 2tubes of choice,(Or 1image, 1 tube) --font of choice ,-I have used the font NoweAtenyVol2LL a payfont purchased. Plugincreativity splatter plugin.(This is not a free font)

My template.

I realize that many will not have this plugin. If you would like the template in layer psp format so all you would need to do is add a tube/font please contact me i will be happy to send you the animated template. I have noted where you would continue after receiving the template.*S*
April 2nd: The template is now available for download here.
I am using images in my Anthony Guerra Unlimited Package. Do contact him for yours today!
Let's Begin..

Open up my template in psp,windows, duplicate and close out the original.
Layer, duplicate, Effects, Plugins/Creativity/Splatter with these settings.
Scroll down to find "rain", click on the "long rain " setting.
Click the settings tab with these settings.

Click the options tab with these settings

Layers, duplicate
Effects, Plugins/Creativity/Splatter
Click the options tab with these settings.
**Those who have received the template from me would start here.**
Layers, new raster .
Flood fill with a color/grad of choice.
I have used a gradient i made with colors from my template.Colors #7c6f58 and#b24122
Effects, Texture effects, Weave with these settings.

Effects, Texture effects, Fine Leather with these settings.

Effects, edgeeffects, enhance.
Selections, Select All, Selections, modify, contract by 10, Tap your delete key on your keyboard, or (Edit, cut).
Selections Invert.
Apply a drop shadow. with these settings.

Repeat the drop shadow, changing the v/h to -3
Selections, Select none.
Open up the tubes you will be using .
Copy and paste as a new layers onto your working canvas.
Arrange and position your tubes .Once happy add your text.
Add your artists credits, your watermark.
We are ready to start animating!
Open up animation shop.
--Hide Copy(2) of Raster1 and Copy of Raster 1, Edit, copy merged.
Go to animation shop, edit paste as new animation.
--Hide Copy(2) of Raster1 and Raster1, Edit, copy merged.
Back to animation shop, edit , paste after current frame.
--Hide Raster1 and Copy of Raster1, Edit, copy merged
Back to animation shop, edit paste after current frame.
Edit, select all, Animation Frame properties, change the number to 20.
RightClick on frame 2 and change the number back to 10.
File, optimization wizard, save and you're done!
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.



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