Rainbow Twirl

You will need Corel's PsP X, Or earlier versions of.

Font and tube of choice, My Mask I have used a tube and image from my Suzanne Richards, Gild Package.

My mask..here
Place my mask in your psp/masks folder. Or point psp to pick up my mask from your folder of choice.

Open psp and let's begin.
File, new 500x400, white image.
Layer Load/Save Mask/Load from disk.
Find "reflectionscafe11" with these settings.

Right click on Mask-Raster1 and select delete. Click yes to the popup.
Right click on Raster1 and select merge/merge group.
Effects, 3d effects, drop shadow with these settings.

Repeat the drop shadow this time changing the vertical and horizontal both to 2.
Go to the tube you are using, edit copy and edit paste onto our canvas as a new layer.
Resize all layers unchecked if needed.
Right click on raster 1 and select duplicate.
Click back onto Raster1.
Adjust blur, radial blur with these settings.

Grab your eraser and erase around the edges the little bit of extra our blur effect has left.

Effects, edge effects, enhance. Repeat this step again.
Click back onto Copy of Raster 1.
Let's add our text with these settings.
Choosing 2 colors from our tube for our foreground and background colors.

Using the nodes resize/rotate your text . Once happy , right click on vector 1 and convert to raster.
Selections, select all, selections , modify , contract by 2.00
Apply a 3d inner bevel or a superblade pro preset you like. I have used M_buttercup . Once happy with.
Selections, select none.
Effects, 3d effects, drop shadow and click ok to repeat our previous settings.
Layer, new raster layer, flood fill this layer with a dark color from your tube.
Right click on this new layer, arrange, send to bottom.
Add your watermark, your artists credits if need be.
File, jpg optimzier save and you're done!
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.



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