Reality Bites~

You will need PI 12 , earlier versions should work fine.
Font, tube and 2 images of choice. No outside filters required.I images from my Lorenzo Sperlonga CILM licensed package. Please visit CILM to obtain your own licensed package to work with Lorenzo's art.
Let's Begin!
File, browse and scroll and open your images of choice.
Edit, Stitch Scanned Images, click ok.

Photo/Lens Filter/Multivision Filter with these settings

Photo/LensFilter/Mulitivision Filter with these settings

Select your path drawing tool.Choose Rounded Rectangle as your shape.

Change the mode to 3D Custom.Click the adjust material button.

Color/Texture: Right click inside the box to choose a color from your image.
Bevel:3D Custom/dot the first preset
Bevel Settings:Width 6 Depth 30 Bevel Outline Both
Right click now and duplicate.Duplicate about 10 times. We will align and space them evenly
after.Now click on each one and drag them down the center of your canvas.
Go to your layer manager now and hold down the ctrl key on your keyboard. Now click on each
one so that each rectangle is selected. They will highlight in your layer manager showing
you that they are selected.
Object/Align/Space evenly.
With these settings

Object/Deselect all objects.
File/Browse and open the tube you will use.
Edit, copy . Back to our canvas. Edit paste as object.Position to where you would like.
Right click and select shadow. Add a drop shadow of choice.
Object,merge all
Selection/Border with these settings.

Edit/Fill . Fill with your choice of color or gradient.
Effect/Fills and Textures/ Texture Filter and choose a texture preset or texture you like.
Right click and select shadow. Add a drop shadow of choice.
Objects, deselect all objects.
Add your accents, your text.Using EasyPalette/TextPath Effects you can deform your text and
add several presets to compliment your tag.
Add your watermark, your artists credits.
Objects/Merge All.
Adjust , resize and resize your tag.
Web/Image Optimizer/Jpg save and you're done!
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.

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