You will need PsPX,  Medhi Fur Plugin, My template. Image of choice.

I am using an image from my AnthonyGuerra Unlimited Package.

 Open my template.
Window, duplicate close out the original for future creating.
Open the image you will be using.My image size is 260 x 360.
Open a new 500x500 transparent canvas.
Selections, select all.
Go to your image, edit copy, back to our canvas. Edit paste into selection.
Effects,Illumination Effects/Sunburst with these settings.

Effects, edge effects enhance.
Selections, Select none.
Click on my template. Edit copy back to our canvas, Edit paste as new layer.
Click on your image, Edit copy, back to our canvas, Edit paste as new layer.
Selections, select all, selections float
Selections, modify , select selections border with these settings.

Flood fill with your choice of color.
Effects, texture effects, blinds with these settings.

Do not deselect! *S*
Image, free rotate with these settings.

Effects, Plugins/Medhi/Fur with these settings.

Selections, select none.
*You may need to erase a couple floaters around our frame.*
Image, add borders 2/black/symettric
Image ,add borders,4/symettric with a color of your choice.
Image, add borders 2/black/symettric.
Add your text. I have used the font Weltron Urban .
Add your watermark, your artists credits.
Image resize 475x475 pixels all layer checked.
File, export jpg optimizer save and you're done!
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.



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