You will need PsP X. Font and image (Size 360x360 ) of choice and eye candy 4000 chrome .
My Template PsP X HERE. Earlier Versions of PsP HERE
I am using an image from my Johnnie Grez CILM Licensed Package. Please visit CILM to obtain your own license to work with Johnnie Grez's work.
Let's Begin.
Open my template in PsP. Window duplicate and close the original for future creating.Click on the Right Strip layer to make sure this is our active layer.
Open the image you will be using. Edit copy. Back to our canvas, edit paste as new layer.
Image resize, all layers unchecked and resize 90% .
Go to your layer palette and click on Left Strip to make this layer active. Right click now and select properties and change the opacity to 73.
Right click on the Right Strip layer and select properties. Change the opacity to 46.
Click on Raster 1 this will be your image.
Selections, select all, selections float.
Selections,modify, select selection borders. With these settings.

Flood fill with a dark color i chose a dark teal.
Effects,texture effects/blinds with these settings.

Effects, Plugins/EyeCandy 4000/Chrome. Click on the settings tab and choose chrome border.
Click on the lighting tab and choose 2 colors from your image. Click on the basic tab,

With these settings.

Effects, 3d effects, drop shadow with these settings.

Repeat the drop shadow , change the v & h to -2.
Selections, select none.
Grab your eraser tool and erase the areas of the rings that cover your image.You can view my finished tag for how much of the ring to erase. Be sure that you click on each ring layer. (Large Ring, Ring 1 and Ring 2).
Add your text, your text effects.
Add your watermark, your artists credits.
Crop off the excess canvas not needed.
File, jpg optimzer, save and you're done!
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.