Rotated Moon

You will need PsP, Tube and font of choice. My Template.

This template i created using AutoFx Plugins.

I am using a tube from my Joe Pekar Gild License Package.

Let's Begin.
Open up my template.Open the tube you intend to use.
There are 2 variations of colors and texture in my template.
Choose one click on one in the layer palette.
Edit copy , edit paste as new image.
Close out my original template , leaving unaltered for future
Click on your tube to make it active, edit copy, back to our
image, edit paste as new layer.This will allow us to make sure
our tube is postioned in the center for now.
Right click on Raster 2 and select duplicate.
Hide Copy of Raster 2 for now.
Click on Raster2 to make this layer active.
Effects, Blur, Radial Blur with these settings.

Effects, Texture Effects, Polished Stone with these settings.

Effects, Reflection Effects, Rotating Mirror, with these

Effects, Distortion Effects, Polar Coordinates with these

Unhide Copy of Raster 2 now.
Image mirror.
Effects, 3d effects, drop shadow with these settings.

Add your text, and text effects.Image resize 400x400 pixels.All layers checked.
Add your watermark and your artists credits.
File , jpg optimizer save and you're done.
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.



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