You will need Corel PsP 8,9 or 9X Tutorial is wrote in version 9X
EyeCandy's Plugin/Nature , Alien Skin's Flaming Pear/Flexify
A tube, font of choice.
I have used images from artist Dave Nestler. Check out the Gild
to receive your own license to work with these images.
Open the tube your intend to use.
File new, 450x450 transparent image.

Flood fill with black.
Effects, flaming pear/flexify with these settings.

Grab your magic wand and select the black shapes.
Selections , Invert, Edit cut or tap your delete key on your keyboard.
Selections, select none.
Layer , duplicate.
Image resize, resize 60% all layers unchecked.

Effects, Plugins, EyeCandy, Nature/Rust with these settings.
Change the colors to suit your tube.

Apply rust to raster1 as well.
Making sure raster1 is active.
Effects, 3d effects, plugins/flexify with these settings.

Image free rotate. Right 25.00, All layers unchecked.
Grab your magic wand again, select the white areas and edit, cut.
Selections, select none.
Image, resize 80%. All layers unchecked.
Effects, plugins, eyecandy nature, rust with these settings.

Edit, copy and paste your tubes as a new layer.
Now because my tube has an edges i dont like i placed her on the right with her hands on the corner of our back template.
Duplicate raster1. Layer, arrange bring to top.
Image resize 60% all layers unchecked. Move this layer to where you would like, I placed mine at the bottom covering another edge i didn't like on my tube.
Selections , select all, selections, modify and contract by 5.00
Effects, plugins, eyecandy nature, rust with these settings. Change the color to suit your tag.

Click on copy of raster1 to make this layer active.
Grab your text tool with these settings.Choose a light color for your foreground and black as your background color.
Resize, rotate your text until you are happy. Once happy, right click on vector 1 and convert to raster. Selections, select all, selections modify and contract by 5.00. Edit cut or delete on your keyboard.

Effects, 3d effects, cutout with these settings.

Effects, 3d effects, cutout using the same settings as above but changing vertical and horizontal both to 2.
Effects, 3d effects, drop shadow with these settings.

Adjust, add/remove noise, Add noise with these settings.

Selections, select none.
Effects, 3d effects, drop shadow click ok to repeat the settings we used earlier.
Add your watermark and your artists credits.
File, export, jpg optimizer, save and you're done!
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. 



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