Sassy Studs~

You will need PsPX/Animation Shop
Font and tube of choice. My template made with various photoshop plugins here.
I am using a tube from my T.C Cor CILM licensed package. Please visit CILM to obtain your own licensed package.
Let's Begin.
Open the tube you will be using.
Open my template. Windows duplicate and close the original.
You will notice that i have highlighted the innercircle layer. We will copy and paste our tube above this layer.
Click on your tube, edit copy. Back to our canvas. Edit paste as new layer.
My tube has some flat edges on her legs and elbow so i positioned to the right hiding the edges. Position your tube to where you would like.
Effects, 3d effects/drop shadow with these settings.

Click on outer layer. Effects/Plugins/EyeCandy4000/Chrome from the settings tab choose chrome border.
With these settings. Choosing colors from the background or from your tube.

Layers duplicate. Image Mirror
Layers Properites and change the blend mode to overlay.
Click on inner layer. Layers duplicate/ Image Mirror.
Add your text, your text effects. I duplicated my text and added the chrome border effect to my text.
I also wanted an eyelet to sit on top of my name. If you would like to have an eyelet on top of your name, click on outer layer.Not the copy of outer. Grab your lasso tool/point to point and circled one of the eyelets. Edit copy/Edit paste as new layer. Layers arrange and send to top. Move the single eyelet now to where you would like.
We are ready to animate!
---Hide Back 2 and Back 3 Layers. Unhide background(will be already). Edit copy merged. Open up animation shop. Edit paste as new animation. Back to PsP.
---Hide Background and Back 3 Layers. Unhide Back 2. Edit copy merged. Back to animation shop. Edit paste after current frame. Back to PsP.
--Hide Background and Back 2 Layers. Unhide Back3. Edit copy merged. Back to animation shop. Edit paste after current frame.
File optimization wizard. Save and you're done!
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.

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