Softly Framed

You will need PhotoImpact (Nova or Ulead's version) I have used Nova Photoimpact pro 10. Although this tutorial can be completed in any version of PI.
You will need an image,(Image size i used was 251 x356) ,
I am using an image from my Carlos Diez G.I.L.D Package.font of choice and my Ufo file.
Let's Begin
Open up PI , open my ufo file .
Ctrl+ d,(Or Window duplicate) to duplicate the original. Close out the original.
You will notice i have selected an area from the background to continue my tutorial. You will also notice from your layer manager that you have 5 Objects and 1 Base Image. Our Base Image layer is our active object . I chose not to merge these objects to allow you to have some freedom in moving, removing or adding your own touches if you desire.
Open up the image you will be using. Edit copy, back to our working image, edit, paste ,fit into selection.
Effect, creative, mosiac blur, click the options button.Square unchecked.
With these settings

Effect,artistic, weave ,select Style 2
With these settings.

Edit paste as object (clipboard is still holding our image from before.)
Photo, PhotoFrame with these settings.

Adjust resize with these settings.

Right click and select shadow with these settings

Let's add some text.
Click on your text tool ("T") to activate.

Choose your font i chose AS Graceland . Right click in the color box, select color on screen and choose a color from your image. Clicking on the gallery and material icons will give you many more effects for your text. Have fun!
Once you are happy with your text, click on your transform tool

 and rotate your text 15.00 degrees counterclockwise.

Position to where you would like.
Hit the enter key on your keyboard or Objects, deselect all objects. Select your pick tool

to deselect the transform tool.

Add your watermark, your artists credits.
Using your crop tool crop off any excess you do not want.
Web, image optimizer, jpg
Save as and you're done! I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.
I will be uploading more of my many "ufo" files for photoimpact in the upcoming week or so. I hope that you will enjoy those too. Check the "updates" page for the link to them. *S*
If you would like my ufo for this tutorial in psd format please contact me. Please do not share my files re: Terms of Use Thanks!



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