Standing Tall

You will need Corel PsPX  Tutorial is written in X but can be done in earlier versions.

Redfield ,Auto FX PGE 6,Texturation 3D, EyeCandy 3.1 (Optional)

Font and tube of choice.

I have used a tube from Craig Wentworth Package.

File new , 500x500 image.
Flood fill this layer with a dark color from your tube.
Effects, Plugins, Redfield/Texturation 3d with these settings.

Effects, Plugins , Auto FX, PGE6.
Acid Edge, Acid_Painted_2/iqp.
With these settings.

Click on select edge.
Volume -15, 251-300 , Volume XV-AF282
With these settings.

Copy and paste your tube as a new layer.
Click back onto raster1 if using a tube with a very straight edge. Otherwise please skip these steps lol..
With your selection tool /rectangle draw a rectangle making sure you are on raster 1.. draw a rectangle around the edge.

Click onto raster 2.. selections , modify , feather and enter 10.00 tap your delete key on your keyboard. This softens the edge a little for us.
Selections, select none.
Duplicate your tube layer. Close of the copy of Raster 2 .
Working now on Raster 2.
Adjust, blur gaussian blur, enter 15.00 .
Effects, Plugins, Redfield. Texturation 3d with these settings.

Effects, edge effects, find horizontal.
Unhide your tube . Copy of Raster 2.
Effects 3d effects, drop shadow with these settings.

Add your text. I've used Allison Rob size 100 applied eye candy's innerbevel, erased some of my text to make it look wrapped around her arm . Applied the same drop shadow as earlier. I also applied a drop shadow to Raster 1 ,
Right click on any layer. Merge visible. Edit copy and paste as new image.
Add your watermark, your artists credits .
File, jpg optimizer 



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