You will need Corel PsPX  Tutorial is written in X but can be done in earlier versions.

Unplugged,  EyeCandy 4000 or 5 Plugins (Optional)

Font and tube of choice.

I have used a tube from Craig Wentworth Package.
*Please note the number added to my Craig Wentworth tag is not my license number but simply my transaction number as proof i am working with Craig's art legit. Interested in using Craig's art? Go Here.*I am working on removing my transaction number and will have the new image without asap. Thanks

Open a new 500x500 transparent canvas.
Open the tube you will be using.
Choose a color for your foreground/background color.Flood fill
your canvas with your foreground color.Click on your
background color and select texture and set the texture to
"Panels 02 " If you do not have this texture choose another that you like. Any texture will work nicely.

Effects, Plugins, Unplugged Tools, Star chart with these

Grab your magic wand with these settings.

Select the inner circle.
Edit cut.
Grab your flood fill tool, Right click now to flood fill with
our texture.
Selections, invert
Plugins eye candy 4000, gradient glow with these settings.

Selections, invert, selection, promote selections to layer.
Selections, select none.
Layer duplicate.
Image resize, 60% . All layers unchecked.
Layer duplicate again.
Grab you tube , edit copy , edit paste as new layer. Postion
your tube to where you would like.Effects, 3d effects drop
shadow V&H 1, Opacity 49.00 , blur 4.5
Click on your tube layer, right click and select arrange, move
Position this design to where you would like.
Grab your eraser tool and erase a bit of our design to make it
appear that our tube is wrapped around our design.Effects, 3d
effects and apply a drop shadow.
Click on Raster 1 .Selections , Select All.
Selections, modify, Inside/Outside Feather, 3.00
Selectons, Invert.
Tap the delete key on your keyboard.As many times as you'd like
to soften the edge of your tag.
Add a frame /border if you'd like..
Click on our top layer to make this layer our active layer.
Grab your text tool.Foreground color white, background our
texture. Size 72 create as vector.Resize/rotate your text. Once
happy. Convert to raster. Add your text effects..
Resize your image if need be.
Add your watermark, your artists credit.
File, jpg optimizer save and you're done!
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.



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