You will need Ulead's PhotoImpact orNova's PhotoImpactPro. Font/tube and accents of choice. The Scrapbooking embellishments do come included with Nova's version, as well as many more goodies. Scrapbooking templates too! I have been using for my scrapbooking for some time. With 4 kids i love it! But you will be able to complete this tutorial using various tubes.

Open up the tube, accents you would like to use. Adjust/resize , dot the "selected " objects and resize to your liking.
I used scrapbooking embellishments included in Nova's PhotoImpactPro Cd. I coped the contents to my harddrive for easy usage. I chose the glass heart and typewritor letters, satin ribbon, heart buckle ribbon.
**Tip The great thing about photoimpact is that you can drag to easy palette for easy creating later.**

Let's Begin
File, new 500x400 canvas.

Edit fill, click on the image tab and scroll to cd or hard drive to find your background of choice. I chose flutterby(included with cd)

Go to your main accent, edit, copy , edit paste as new object. Center vertically by selecting your pick tool and selecting center vertically.

Click on your tube you are using, edit, copy , back to our canvas, edit paste as new object.
Right click and select shadow with these settings.

Click on your accents and edit, copy , back to our canvas, edit paste as new object, position to where you would like by using the arrows keys on your keyboard.Or select the pick tool again and position to your liking. Repeat for each accent you would like.
I used the typewritor embellishments and then selected them all, i then right clicked and selected align "space evenly" horizontal. No need to worry of alignment this way *S*.
Ok once you've decorated and are happy. Let's add a frame to our image, normally i would print off but today i'm making a tag lol.
Objects, merge all.
Photo,Photo Frame.
With these settings. I didn't choose a frame i just adjusted my settings.

Web , image optimizer, jpg , save as and you're done!
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.



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