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Xero Flaked

* I have used an image from Joel Adams. I have obtained a  legal license from the G.I.L.D

To obtain your own license visit International Illustrator

Please note you may not work with Joel's images unless you have obtained a legal license*

Supplies Needed PsP 8 or 9

Tutorial is wrote in version 9.

A tube of choice.

The font "Vitamin Outline"

Open the font and minimize. The font will show up in psp.

Be sure to check out the ThemeWorld Home site for some really cool stuff too! After the tut otay?

Download  & Install

 The Xero Plugin Fritillary (Xeroset 4) also scroll down and download the christmas specials on the download page.

Open you tube you want to use.
Window duplicate and close the original.
Top toolbar image canvas size 400x400.

Resize your tube 70%.  All layers unchecked.
From your tube ,choose a light color for your foreground and a darker color for your background.
Go to your layer palette and right click on your layer rename your layer to "1".
Right click on 1 and select duplicate.
Close of copy of 1 by clicking the eye to hide it for now.
Click back onto 1 . Make sure layer 1 is active.
Top toolbar,
Adjust , blur, Gaussian blur and enter 9.00
click ok.
Right click on 1 again and select duplicate.
Top toolbar , image , mirror.
Take you move tool and move them both to be in the center beside each other.
Right click on copy of 1 and select merge visible.
Right click on merged and select duplicate.
Click back onto your merged layer.
top toolbar,
Effects /plugins/xero/make a flake with these settings.

Click on your copy of merged layer
With these settings.

Top toolbar
Effects, edge/enhance
Top toolbar, effects/plugins/xero/sparkle with these settings.

Grab your text tool with these settings.
The colors you chose at the beginning for foreground and background should still be set but if not choose them again.
Move and resize your text to your liking.

Once you have the text the way you'd like .Right click on vector 1 and select convert to raster.
Grab your magic wand with these settings.

Select the inside of your text.

*You may need to hide your other layers so you aren't selecting any of the color from the layer behind* Make sure if you do that you unhide the layers again*

Add a new raster layer

or right click on raster 1 and select new raster.
Top toolbar
Selections , modify /expand by 5.
* If you do not like the edging/excess around the text then modify/expand by 3 or 4. *
Grab your flood fill tool and flood fill with your foreground color.*Left click to fill with foreground color. 
Right click on raster 2 and select arrange/move down
Top toolbar, Effects /plugins/xero/fritillary and click ok. This just repeats the previous settings.
Top; toolbar
Effects 3d, inner bevel with these settings.

Top toolbar, 3d , drop shadow with these settings.

Top toolbar, Selections . Select none. or hit ctrl + d on your keyboard.
Click back onto raster 1 if you hover your mouse over it you will get a preview that it is the text outline.
Top toolbar, 3d/dropshadow/and repeat the previous settings.

Right click on any layer and select merge visible.
Top toolbar, edit, copy, edit paste as new image.
Image canvas size and make your canvas 400x400 once again.. The reason for this step is to make sure all of your image is inside the frame and too allow you enough room to add your credits and watermark. Depending on your image and credit/watermark you may find this step isn't necessary.

Add a new raster layer

Right click on raster 2 again and click on arrange/move down.
Flood fill raster 2 with your dark color should be your background color. *Right click to fill with background color.
Top toolbar, image/picture frame and select and edge brush .These come installed in psp and you should have them.
With these settings.

You may notice after that you image is a little off center. Take your mover tool and move it in the center.
Click on raster 2 picture frame and apply the same drop shadow that we used earlier.
Add your watermark and proper credits
File/export jpg and save you are done~!

©CLochert/RealitysTimeouts Feb 14th,2005

Art ©Joel Adams

Do not copy/paste save as mht or pass online in yahoo groups or via email,

Distrubute in any other way than a link to this tutorial.